How Are We Different?

Toll-Free and Long Distance Specialists

Offer expertise for new contact centers. Businesses that are considering their first contact center or those that are apprehensive about making a change can take advantage of our expertise in connecting them with the right contact center software and run a free trial of our Toll-Free and Long Distance voice services to see how it fits with their business.

Extend the life and augment legacy contact centers. Businesses do not have to fear retiring their legacy contact center equipment/software or phone service. Our contact center inbound toll-free and outbound long distance voice services run alongside a legacy system and can augment vs. replace it.

No disruption for an existing call center. Installation is managed professionally, keeping in mind that any existing network or systems need to stay online so that employees and customers are not disrupted.

Network Flexibility. The customer has the flexibility to keep their existing networks in place or take advantage of our Tier 1 carrier relationships to maximize savings.

Flexible Terms. Because the quality of our service speaks for itself, we offer flexible terms agreements. Our average customer is 15+ years.