IoT Channel Accelerator

IoT Channel Accelerator creates opportunity for telecommunications and cloud partners to generate revenue from IoT applications and services. The burgeoning IoT Channel represents $1.7 Trillion in new market opportunities worldwide by 2020, from your existing client base. 

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Education & Resources

Learn how IoT is being used in the key markets you already sell into. We’ll help you identify the market, the buyer, the applications and the sales process to sell IoT and drive recurring revenue.

Solutions Providers

The IoT Channel Accelerator has sourced the best IoT providers and made sure they are ready to support the channel, assist in the sales process, and manage the customer experience you expect.

Operational Structure

If you are a vendor, master agent, or sales partner, we will make sure that you have the right tools to launch a successful IoT practice.

Marketing Support

The IoT Channel Accelerator comes complete with automated email marketing campaigns that you can deliver to your customers and prospects. This will help you accelerate interest and grow revenue.

Best Practices

Learn the keys to success from successful sellers, key IoT vendors and industry experts. IoT Channel Accelerator has content, education and webinar programming that will ensure you are ready to succeed in this expanding market.

Great Commissions

All of the IoT suppliers pay excellent commission on the recurring revenue produced by IoT applications and installations. We will ensure that you get paid on time and make the most from every sale.

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