Convey Partner Portals

Inform, educate and inspire partners with a portal to help them learn about your services and sell them effectively.

Partner Management

Attract partners, collect profile information and manage them in the partner CRM. Create partner types to customize the content they see and focus your audience’s attention.

Discussion Forums

Create opportunities for partners to ask questions, share selling strategies and sales success stories, and learn from you and each other. You set conversation topics, moderate and monitor discussions and notify members about daily forum activity.

Personalized Content

Partners search for content they are most interested in and bookmark that content in their partner dashboard. Content is collected into directories and displayed to partners based on their interests.

Marketing Campaigns

Create a library of email marketing campaigns and deliver them into Conduct, integrated into your portal. Partners brand their emails & sign-up page, manage their contacts and launch campaigns automatically. Reports detail the success of email delivery, click-throughs, and sign-ups.

Connect to Administrative Portals

Connect order entry, customer management, quoting and administrative portals to Convey for content, training & marketing. The API establishes members from your system and gives them a seamless experience as they look at content, then manage administrative tasks.

Analyze Partner Behavior

The portal records each time a partner logs in, views a content catalog, interacts with posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. Access partner activity in portal reports or create your own custom views.

Partner Outreach

Remind partners to log in, notify them when new content is added, update them on forum discussions and notify them when something requires their action. The Convey Message Library delivers custom emails, webinar invitations or newsletters to keep partners engaged.

Deal Registration

Register deals to track accounts that partners are working on. Create deal registration forms and post them anywhere on the portal. You are notified each time a registration form is filled out.

Deliver Prospects

Give your partners what they want most — new prospects! Add a prospect and automate getting it into the hands of your partners. The rules for transferring prospects are customized for your individual partner program.


Upload a .zip file of commission statements and have them delivered to each partner’s dashboard. Partners are notified when commissions have been added and can keep them archived.