Ideal Customer

Businesses with an existing Contact Center.  Many businesses have legacy systems like Acculabs, Asterisk, Avaya, Brooktrout, Dialogic, and Nortel.  They would like to add capacity or other features without having to end-life the systems that have served them over the years.  Our contact center Inbound Toll-Free and Long Distance voice networks can run alongside legacy systems and augment their capacity. Companies currently running SIP in their contact centers for VoIP would only require a short interop in order to test our services.

Businesses without a Contact Center.  Businesses that want to initiate Inbound Toll-Free customer support or Outbound Long Distance for research or telemarketing need a way to evaluate the benefits of contact center services without making a long-term commitment. Our free trial process allows a business to test our contact center and better define their system requirements.

Businesses That Are High Volume Users.  Televergence’s premium, all calls complete Inbound Toll-Free and Outbound Long Distance voice services are designed for large corporate users. Our state-of-the-art network is designed to support a multitude of phone systems that have traditional or SIP access. A robust infrastructure and latest VoIP technologies routes 1+ billion minutes per month, allowing us to volume purchase from Tier 1 carriers and lower your costs. Our TDM to SIP conversion program for businesses with non-SIP compliant phone systems allows them to retain their current systems.