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Does Your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Have A Blind Spot?

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Chances are you place very high importance on your customer experience (CX). After all, this has emerged as a top business driver in recent years—and something that companies across all vertical markets are now prioritizing.

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But even businesses who have made CX a priority for years need to reevaluate their approach and ask: is your strategy on point, or do you need to update it?

The Secret To A Great CX Strategy

In order to truly understand the CX, you need to look deeper into the overall customer journey across all touchpoints. Many businesses are still failing to connect the dots between their customer service, sales, and marketing teams—and as a result they’re only gaining a partial view of how their customers are interacting with their company.

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“Contact centers alone don’t provide a complete view of CX, as customers also deal with sales and marketing departments of their favorite brands directly,” explains ZK Research Founder Zeus Karrevala.

“Outbound interactions with sales and marketing are typically done via a MarTech automation platform, and inbound is done via a contact center. If these organizations aren’t in alignment, it can create a negative experience.”

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To illustrate the point, Karrevala provided an example of a customer having a poor experience at a hotel, and calling their contact center to complain. In this case, unless the contact center shares that interaction with sales, the company could run the risk of further alienating the customer by reaching out with another vacation package—rubbing the customer the wrong way. To the customer, this could come across as irritating and unhelpful; however, by sharing information, the sales department could take a different approach and work strategically to rectify the situation and retain their loyalty.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service With UCaaS

So, how can you prevent this from happening in your company?

The easiest way to ensure total visibility into the overall customer journey is to invest in a centralized unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform that contains full customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

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To start, look into contact center solutions that offer various levels of features, from internal to full-scale enterprise systems, and choose the system that best fits your needs. With customer experience in mind, you will need a solution that you can use to integrate your customer database and CRM to your communications system. This will enable you to track and manage your customer data and conversations, ensuring that anyone who interacts with a customer will have a complete overview of their recent history with the company.

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When all of your customer data is top of mind, you will never have to worry about sending the wrong message to a customer. Your agents, sales, and marketing professionals will be able to strategically collaborate to ensure the best possible outreach.

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If you need more than just a contact center solution, you can also consider a full spectrum approach to communications, which offers end-to-end tools for collaboration and productivity. Full spectrum communications offer more than just cloud-based VoIP--these sophisticated systems can help your employees reach customers on whatever channel they prefer, including phone, chat, text messaging, and more. And your customer data will stay synchronized across all of these platforms, as it shares a single, centralized hub.

The central theme of superior customer experiences, in other words, is a seamless, unified communications system that allows you to deliver personalized, on-point service!