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Why Your Business Needs Voice, Video & Collaboration Tools

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Business leaders often want to know why they should go through the process of keeping up with the latest communications solutions. Do companies really need to be using top of the line voice, video, and collaboration technologies? And is it worth upgrading?

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If you think about it, communication is one of the most important things that a business can invest in. It’s critical for just about every process, from customer service, to project management, to planning and problem solving, and everything in between. As such, all organizations should strive to build a multi-faceted communication and collaboration strategy.

Here are some of the top advantages to using voice, video, and collaboration tools:

A Stronger Customer Experience (CX)

At the end of the day, all roads lead back to CX. Customers now demand fast, efficient, and reliable service with every interaction. What’s more, customers want service on their terms.

One of the best examples is video, which in recent years has shifted from a differentiator to a basic expectation in customer service. Video usage has exploded during the pandemic, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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Using the latest voice, video, and collaboration solutions can demonstrate that a business is committed to engaging with its customers, and in tune with the changing technology landscape.

An Attractive Work Environment

In addition to CX, businesses today also need to pay attention to the employee experience (EX). Demonstrating an efficient EX is critical for attracting and retaining top talent. Workers need access to tools and services that help them perform at a high level.

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For example, imagine trying to recruit a top sales associate. This person will want to see a robust set of communications tools that will allow them to keep up with customers across multiple channels, throughout both the pre-and post-sales process. It may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, but this type of offering can send the message that a business is committed to empowering workers and enabling success.

More Learning Opportunities

By encouraging communication over voice, video, and collaboration channels, product managers and R&D teams can gain a world of insight that can be used to directly improve services and drive profits.

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Many B2B organizations are now inviting clients to collaborate in persistent chat channels, third party collaboration hubs, and in video meetings. These channels can bring different teams together to share information, leading to mutual gains, new partnerships, and more breakthroughs.

Improved Productivity

Yet another benefit to investing in communication solutions is that they can lead to significant internal productivity gains.

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In one famous study, researchers at Stanford University found that participants who were asked to act collaboratively stuck to their task 64 percent longer than their solitary peers, while also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels, and a higher overall success rate.

These are just some of the benefits that companies can experience by upgrading communications services. All are worth considering in context of “the new normal”, which demands better communications and collaboration from a distance. The choices you make today for your business will greatly impact its future as we head into uncharted territory.