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How To Leverage DaaS While Working From Home


As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold, it becomes clearer why having viable remote working solutions are critical to ongoing business success. Global pandemics aside, offering remote working solutions that employees can use to work from home or while traveling also allows your business operations to run smoothly while also offering increased flexibility for staff. COVID-19 has proven that businesses must be able to adapt to more flexible, remote working environments.

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Having said that, there is an easy solution for offering reliable, streamlined, and secure work from home tools. The value of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is now clearly apparent. When you leverage a DaaS solution, you have all the tools you need to be productive from anywhere, in just about any circumstances.

Work From Home With DaaS

Here are just a few of the ways Desktop as a Service can help you and your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and in any remote work situation.

Seamlessly Upgrade Your Communications

Desktop as a Service is designed to be seamless. When you use a DaaS solution that integrates with UCaaS, you will automatically elevate your entire organizational infrastructure. Enhanced communications via virtual desktops, apps, and cloud storage will allow your company to stay in contact easily.

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Work From Any Device

DaaS allows you to work from anywhere, but under current circumstances the only place you will be working from is home. The advantage of DaaS in this situation is the ability to also access your virtual desktops, apps, cloud storage, and communications from any internet-enabled device. Even if your employees don’t all have company-issued devices, they can still easily and securely log in to your virtual work environment from their home devices. DaaS supports desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Collaborate Securely

Every business is concerned about security, especially during a time of uncertainty. Companies working in industries such as healthcare and finance will also rest easier knowing that any employees able to work from home will only be accessing secure, encrypted portals. Desktop as a Service comes built-in with protections like multi-factor authentication and context-based access controls to ensure off-site users are accessing their company’s system without jeopardizing private data.

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Integrate Additional Tools

Some Desktop as a Service platforms also allow you to integrate with other tools you use on a regular basis. These could be your office phones, softphones, third-party apps, or even a custom developed solution.

Be Prepared With Desktop as a Service

The most important thing is to be prepared. Make sure your business has the tools it needs to succeed both during the COVID-19 outbreaks and beyond.