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Enterprise Collaboration For A Remote Workforce

enterprise collaboration

Teamwork is a top challenge for businesses right now, at a time when enterprise collaboration depends on efficient remote infrastructure and streamlined company processes. Organizations across the board are looking for ways to break down silos and bring teams together in order to increase productivity and improve company synchronization.

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As such, there is growing demand for enterprise collaboration tools that allow employees to interact and share information seamlessly, even when one or more employees are working remotely. The enterprise collaboration market is growing at a CAGR of 9.2 percent, and is expected to exceed $48 billion by 2024.

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The theory is that by breaking down barriers and bringing workers closer together, employees can in turn hold each other accountable, exchange ideas to fuel business growth, and remain more engaged in their work—while at the same time, fostering an environment built around autonomy.

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Enterprise collaboration will be especially important looking forward, too, as teams become increasingly distributed even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Remote working is slowly becoming a new normal and enterprise collaboration software can help teams interact as if they are sitting in the same room, even when they are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Enterprise Collaboration & UCaaS

There are countless enterprise collaboration solutions on the market right now attempting to help meet market demands. But most of these solutions are too specialized, creating more confusion in the process. Oftentimes, employees will spend more time moving between apps and catching up with conversations and projects than actually working. “App overload” gets worse as more and more apps come to market that don’t allow for complete integration with business workflows.

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UCaaS solves this problem by consolidating multiple collaboration tools into one easy-to-access platform. For example, UCaaS enables VoIP, chat, text messaging, secure faxing, video conferencing, and remote desktops all from one place. It eliminates having to use multiple, disparate hardware and software solutions.

What’s more, UCaaS is more secure than using multiple third-party apps. It allows communication to exist in a single, centralized location instead of over numerous apps and databases. It can also be customized to meet unique needs and workflows with enhanced integrations.

How UCaaS Enables Enterprise Collaboration

Here are some specific ways that UCaaS can boost enterprise collaboration:

Streamlining Customer Support

UCaaS can integrate directly with a variety of CRM systems and other third-party apps, allowing teams to aggregate customer data and use insights to solve customer service issues.

For example, imagine a customer issue escalates and a manager is needed to resolve an issue. That manager will be able to easily access key customer data and have a conversation with the service agent right from a single platform, in a way that is fast and convenient.

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Moving Projects Forward

Overseeing a creative project like a presentation or sales document can be a colossal undertaking when collaborators are working from a distance. But by using a UCaaS platform, everyone can remain locked in over a centralized communications system. UCaaS is an excellent tool for moving projects forward to completion.

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Staying In Sync

Communication and collaboration is critical when working from home. Yet the process is often challenging without the right infrastructure in place. When using UCaaS, colleagues can communicate in a range of means--email, chat, texting, phone calls, video conferences--and remain synchronized within the same common system. UCaaS ultimately empowers businesses with enterprise collaboration tools built for working seamlessly from home the same way they would in the workplace.