Case Study

How A Car Dealership Revolutionized Its Communications

Case Study: Flow Automotive

Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions from Star2Star Meet The Communications Challenges Faced By Car Dealerships

The art of selling is essentially the art of communicating effectively, so it is makes sense that car dealerships are especially dependent on their communications system. Unfortunately, dealerships with multiple locations often find that their communications costs go up dramatically as they expand.

When Flow Automotive was faced with skyrocketing communications costs, they turned to Star2Star. Read more to discover how Star2Star saved Flow Automotive money and added advanced UC features that improved the dealership's operations.

What You'll Learn

  • How Flow Automotive's Size And Multiple Locations Was Forcing The Dealership To Spend Large Amounts On Communication
  • How Star2Star Was Able To Dramatically Reduce Flow Automotive's Costs
  • How Star2Star Features And Services Has Improved Flow Automotive's Operations