044: A Marketing Match For Telecom with Michael Sterl

In this episode, John and David speak with Michael Sterl, CEO of Carve Digital which is a marketing firm focused on the tech industry. Michael is also a Board Member of Telecom For Change, an organization that raises resources and revenue for underfunded charities, and is the Cofounder of Cloud Optik, a growing business dedicated to providing tools to offer a world-class set of data and analytics capabilities. Amid this packed discussion, discover what led Michael to specialize in working with cloud and telecom service providers, agents, and partners to tackle marketing efforts and enable their sales operations. You'll also learn what the most impactful piece of content is for the telecom industry, common hurdles in the marketing journey, and you'll hear how to frame your thinking to develop tech-speak into real conversations that build value with your customers. Also, hear the story on David's first Parasailing experience, what a Tenkara Rod is, and more, all on today's exciting episode!