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DaaS, UCaaS & Why You Need Both

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You’ve likely heard about DaaS or Desktop as a Service solutions by now and wondered whether this was a new technology to adopt or another passing fad. If the hype is to be believed, DaaS is something you cannot go without, particularly if you are a small to medium sized business.

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The benefits of Desktop as a Service are numerous: increased flexibility and security, greater cost savings, reduced complexity, more workforce mobility, and so on. But there is another benefit of this technology that has yet to be explored.

DaaS + UCaaS

The popularity of DaaS is relatively new in the industry despite the technology being possible for some time. With more businesses moving to cloud-based platforms for their technology infrastructure, the interest of “as a Service” solutions has increased dramatically. This includes solutions like DaaS, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and many others.

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This similarity in delivery platform has allowed a new breed of Desktop as a Service solutions to emerge, which combines the flexibility of a virtual desktop with the benefits of Unified Communications as a Service. DaaS and UCaaS together create unique opportunities for businesses to maximize the benefits of both technologies in a single platform.

Why DaaS & UCaaS?

Until now, DaaS and UCaaS solutions have evolved separately. Desktop as a Service has focused on the virtualization of mission-critical files and flexible access from any internet-capable device while Unified Communications as a Service has become a staple of any business seeking reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and seamless communications across their entire organization. It may seem obvious that these two technologies would go hand-in-hand to create the ultimate streamlined workspace experience, but this has proven easier said than done.

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Fortunately, this innovation now exists and offers end-to-end benefits for organizations of every size and in every industry. Here is a brief summary of why businesses should leverage an integrated DaaS/UCaaS solution:

Cloud-optimized Performance

DaaS offers cloud-optimized virtual applications, desktop, and storage for anywhere, anytime access using any device. Combined with cloud-based unified communications, your business can truly be “in the cloud” and enjoy the built-in flexibility, mobility, and enhanced security of a managed cloud infrastructure. Since these solutions are also designed specifically for cloud-based delivery, your overall performance is enhanced without any extra effort or investment on your part.

Unified & Streamlined Operations

Desktop as a Service streamlines the individual’s workspace experience while UCaaS allows your workforce to stay in sync with each other and your customers. When these solutions work together, you empower the entire organization to be productive from anywhere with unlimited access to all of the tools they need for success. This also improves relationships with your customers, who now have equally easy access to you and your services when needed.

Built-in Security

Being designed for cloud, DaaS and UCaaS providers have made their security measures a top priority in order to offer the most sophisticated protection for their customers. Desktop as a Service offers multi-factor authentication, encryption, and context-based access controls to minimize the risk of intrusion and eliminate VPN holes. Your communications remain equally secure with firewall protection, encryption, network monitoring, and when guarded behind the same access controls as the DaaS platform they are integrated with.

Labor & Cost Savings

Thanks to the “as a Service” delivery model, businesses save time, effort, and money by having their infrastructure managed by professional vendors. Getting set up and onboarding your workforce is handled by your provider who also maintains the latest hardware, infrastructure, and daily operational needs while charging users by various subscription models.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

The ultimate benefit of DaaS and UCaaS is how it unifies the entire workspace for seamless and secure digital experiences. As the cloud market continues to evolve, having an integrated DaaS/UCaaS platform that leverages optimized desktops, apps, and cloud-based communications allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve with all of the productivity tools they need already in place. DaaS + UCaaS is the realization of future-forward businesses and can accelerate their goals; Desktop as a Service and Unified Communications will likely remain on the forefront of change and keep businesses moving forward.