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Enhance Customer Experience (CX) With UCaaS

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The customer experience (CX) has emerged as one of the most important business drivers, and something that your company should absolutely be monitoring heading into 2020. In fact, current trends indicate that CX will surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator next year.

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Of course, CX can vary depending on what business process you’re referring to. For instance, the customer experience metrics change when applied to a website, physical store, mobile solution, and so on.

In this article, we’ll explore how CX pertains to your business communications system—and how you can ensure a strong CX using unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

UCaaS & The Customer Experience

The business world is in a state of digital transformation, as more and more companies are digitizing their underlying systems and processes. One system that’s becoming increasingly digitized is communication.

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By moving forward with UCaaS, businesses can integrate disparate communications systems like voice, video, fax, text, and email into a centralized portal that can be easily accessed from any location. And more seamless communications ultimately leads to an overall better customer experience.

How Can UCaaS Ensure Better CX?

Uptime & Availability: Customers today expect fast and easy access to support agents whenever it’s needed. When this is interrupted due to an unplanned network outage, CX becomes negatively impacted—causing some customers to reach out to competitors for assistance.

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By leveraging UCaaS, a company can establish seamless failover and disaster recovery. Superior UCaaS solutions can offer “five nines” of availability, ensuring customers will always be able to get in touch with support specialists in a timely manner.

CRM Integration: Customer service departments need to move beyond merely collecting data, and start making it actionable during customer service interactions.

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This is not easy to accomplish when your phone system operates independently from your customer relationship management (CRM) database. With some UCaaS systems, however, it’s possible to integrate the two together, enabling data to flow seamlessly across the organization.

Scalability: Customer service departments often need to scale up and down rapidly in order to accommodate increases in customer volume.

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UCaaS makes it possible to scale as your business changes—enabling a cost-effective and flexible approach to customer service while ensuring that your contact center always has the resources it needs to accommodate customers.

Enhanced Collaboration: Oftentimes, agents will have to consult with team members in order to resolve issues during customer service interactions.

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With UCaaS, agents can easily ping other team members for additional support. Presence information also helps agents see who is available to step in and assist with a needy customer.

The Full Spectrum Approach To UCaaS

No two businesses are alike, which is why a company should never settle for a one-size-all communications system. It makes much more sense to take a customized approach.

Full Spectrum Communications are an innovative approach to UCaaS that offers end-to-end solutions as well as the ability to customize UC for unique internal workflows. If enhancing the customer experience is your end goal, you’ll want to consider how you can deliver your best service--and then find the solution that allows you to achieve it.